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Then small portions (bring cold water in 3-5 receptions, the weight exceeding the mass of a concentrate by 7 times and continue to force down to a uniform emulsion. Bring water solutions of salt, two-carbonic soda and all other components on a compounding in an emulsion (except a flour), the remained amount of water and force down to a uniform emulsion. Calculation

The applied vystoyka and cooling of wafer sheets in feet conditions for their buckling as humidity of peripheral and parts of sheets change unevenly. It involves uneven change of the linear sizes of separate parts of sheets.

If at a batch of wafer dough the flour with the raised maintenance of a gluten (more than 32%) is used, in an emulsator, except components of raw materials add treacle in number of 0,3-1,0% or a preparation Protosubtilin G20kh in number of 0,01-0,03% to the mass of a flour in the form of water solution.

In the greatest volume wafers with a fatty stuffing that is explained practically by absence in a stuffing of free moisture and consequently, preservation a long time of the crackling properties of wafers are developed. Fatty stuffings differ in high plasticity, easily on a surface of wafer sheets in the mechanized way.

In case of the compelled preparation of sheets for the future and their laying in feet, it is recommended to carry out cooling in the certain room at low relative humidity of air (30%) and temperature of 50-52 °C. In these conditions of a vystoyka moisture sorption speed peripheral parts of wafer sheets and consequently, the humidity gradient between the central and peripheral parts decreases that reduces a of sheets decreases. However under these conditions of a vystoyka cooling of wafer sheets in feet happens slowly and usually proceeds 10-12 h.

When packaging in packs of a wafer turn in artly issued label from writing paper or label paper and in one of the following types of a podvertka: parchment, subparchment, paper roof covering, cellophane, foil. With a fruit stuffing as a podvertka it is better to apply writing paper since moisture-permeable writing paper promotes removal of excess moisture from wafer sheets and to preservation of their crackling properties to wafers.

The smeared wafer sheets leaving from under the carriage, the worker puts in some layers and the received multilayered layer covers with a blank sheet. The wafer layer consisting of several layers of a stuffing and wafer sheets which goes to the cooling case is so formed.

Thanks to a big surface of plates and small thickness of dough (2-3 mm) on them, its temperature in only a few seconds exceeds 100 °C. Moisture in the test instantly evaporates. There is a considerable gradient of a vapor pressure which predetermines nature of moisture-yielding ability. At baking of wafer dough the period of constant speed of removal of moisture is not observed, and the stage of warming up of dough is very insignificant. the intensive mass exchange in a contact layer is observed at the beginning of pastries with gradual reduction in the rate of moisture-yielding ability.

All raw materials intended for production of wafers with a fruit stuffing after check by laboratory, have preliminary training according to the instruction on the prevention of hit of foreign subjects in production.

Except the main components, the compounding of fatty stuffings includes lemon acid, fosfatidny concentrates, sometimes powdered milk, cocoa powder, fragrances, vanillin and other flavoring and aromatic additives. Besides, enter into stuffings according to a compounding returnable waste (scraps) of the same grades of wafers with a stuffing.

Wafers are made with various combination of wafer and stuffings. Three-layer wafers are developed with one layer of a stuffing, wafer sheets are outside. Such wafers in the are developed with the moisture containing stuffings:, fruit and others. Five-layer wafers consist of two layers of a stuffing which are between three wafer sheets.

The great interest for production of wafers is represented by fruit and berry stuffings. Wafers with a fruit stuffing differ in high organoleptic rates, low caloric content, absence as a part of confectionery fat. Some compoundings of fruit stuffings are developed, their main components are apple puree and sugar. For replacement of part of sugar various subcookings are used: apple, crimson, from table beet.