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glass (glass) for water, a glass for champagne, a glass for white wine of Yuneskolko a smaller glass for red wine and still smaller for sweet wine. Usually put a card with a name and a surname of the guest for which the place is intended on the highest wine glass.

The woman uses considerably bigger freedom in a choice of a style of clothes and fabric, than the man. The basic rule which should be observed at a clothes choice, is a compliance to time and a situation. Therefore it is not accepted to receive guests or to visit in magnificent dresses in the afternoon. The elegant dress or a suit dress will be suitable for such cases.

Burgonskoye slightly warm up in hot sand and in general all red wines are served not too cold, shaman moves only in the metal vases filled with ice and are taken out only that minute when it has to be poured and given to guests.

In an official situation the jacket has to be clasped. In the clasped jacket enter to acquaintances, into restaurant, to the theater auditorium, sit in presidium or make the report, but thus it is necessary to know that the lower button of a jacket is never clasped. It is possible to undo jacket buttons during a lunch, a dinner or sitting in a chair.

It is not necessary to hurry to rskladyvat the napkin, it is better to wait until others make it. It is indecent to wipe the devices on a visit, at znkomy as you show these the mistrust to owners, but it is permissible at restaurants.

The letter represents moral shape writing, it so to speak measured its education and knowledge. Therefore at correspondence it is necessary to be distinguished and witty, every minute remembering that on it people conclude about your merits and demerits. The slightest tactlessness in words and negligence in expressions - expose writing in light, unpleasant for it.

Never it is necessary to write it is verbose to the persons standing above or below you by situation in the first case, the verbosity can be shown the disrespect and most likely the long letter will simply not read, and in the second case as the long letter it is possible to count for familiarity.

Though say that see off on mind, but accept on clothes, and an odzheda one of the main conditions of that, how good to develop at the person opinion on you. Rockefeller began the business of that bought naposledny money expensive suit and became the member of golf club.

Silver. As a rule the ware from represents a soboy:blyud for cake, spoons, forks, knives, saltcellars. Cupronickel is used for production of the same types of ware, as silver, but naturally melkhiorovy ware is much cheaper than the silver.

If the person wants to emphasize a whiteness of the person, he should put on red clothes, in any other combinations red color of clothes suppresses natural complexion. Yellow color gives to a whiteness of the person a violet shade.

Here some principles to which it would be necessary to adhere in conversation, after all a manner to talk are the thing, the second for the importance, after a manner to put on on which the person turns a vnianiye and on - which is the first in a pechatleniye at the person about his interlocutor.

The care of that the person did not disturb the person that all together felt well is the cornerstone of all good manners. It is necessary to be able not to disturb each other. It is necessary to bring up in itself not so much manners, how many that is expressed in manners, careful attitude to the world, to society, to the nature, to the past.

To be able to listen to the same necessary condition for the polite and well-mannered person, as well as to be able to speak and if you want that you were listened, it is necessary most to listen to others others or at least to pretend that you listen.