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At the same time, the listed problems are among the solved. In the presence of sufficient ecological knowledge and belief at heads and experts of all levels, and also at sufficient financing development of the modern industry and maintaining productive agriculture along with reliable conservation is possible.

Preservation of typical ecosystems, fund of plants and animal, characteristic communities (. (It, in biospheric wildlife reserves some unique ecosystems, however preservation of typical ecosystems and a gene pool — the main objective of wildlife reserves. )

In our time full of contradictions it is necessary to care not only of economic revival, but also, first of all, to realize that the nature cannot transfer more the barbarous attitude towards her. Only at restoration and preservation of riches and a natural variety improvement of quality of life is possible.

There are some types of sewage treatment. The mechanical way of cleaning provides removal of insoluble substances from sewage through settlers. At a chemical way add a which react with solutions of pollution to sewage and cause loss them in a deposit in settlers. The method consists in use of microorganisms for catching of the pollution which are not dropping out in an.

Brazhnik "Dead head." (rice) Is delivered from Africa. On a breast drawing in the form of a skull with two bones crossed under it. Brazhnik meets in various landscapes, including and cultural. Is rare for the Kursk Region, from - for. activity of the person.

Muskrat-valuable fur small animal. Length of her body is 18-20 (approximately same length and the tail), weight is 0,5-0,6. In the past the skin muskrats was appreciated above the beaver. It strong, indumentum gentle, silky, on a dark-brown, on a paunch the silver-white. Fur very dense and warm.

Bustard bird omnivorous: small rodents, lizards, sometimes baby birds small feathery, insects both their larvae and other ­ makes its menu. And here when there will come cold weather and the trifle will disappear, the bustard switches to the menu vegetarian: fruits and seeds of plants, kidneys and other edible parts of grassy and shrubby vegetation.