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Evolutionary changes of signs of biological forms are carried out only in the limits which are not breaking the main signs of this look that is within the horizontal plane of the hierarchical model corresponding to the invariable level of hierarchical structure.

Trying to overcome the specified restrictions of opportunities - the entropy analysis, K. Shannon investigated probabilities of emergence in the text of various 4, 6 and 8 combinations. Substituting the found values of probabilities in probable function of entropy, K. Shannon determined thus entropy size taking into account interdependence (correlation) of letters within syllables, and then extrapolated the received result on longer text pieces, having shown that the does not go beyond text pieces at 40-60 of letters.

The geometrid birch did not stop being a butterfly after color of her wings changed. In the same way, as the hare never in a fox or a wolf, the amoeba will not generate multicellular, and monkeys will not be able to become ancestors of reasonable people.

The method of calculations of number of the new () and surplus (predictable) information containing in the messages transferred on channels of communication offered by K. Shannon is the basis for the theory of information.

Only minor signs can be exposed to mutations, and the main signs of a look remain invariable just as in the examples of word formations given above invariable are roots defining semantic value of each word a way, a tribe and a host. Thus minor signs of the word can change (prefixes, suffixes, the terminations), turning a way to the satellite, the fellow traveler, traveling, the permit, an impassability of roads, dissolute, guiding, etc.

Already at the level of biological systems there are problems of the accounting of value and sense of information used by these systems. In a bigger measure such account is necessary for an ananliz of a of intellectual information systems.

Thus, these examples once again convince us that the plan of creation of difficult information system can be formed only on top hierarchical ­ and from there go down on underlying levels, setting on them this or that order of alternation of elements.