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Incorrectly. The individualization of the content of training is the branched, but not linear program. It is impossible to contents of the doctrine when each pupil studies identical set of a framework of the program.

1 If, for example, we try to teach pupils to resolve problems of a certain type and if they have a stock of knowledge, necessary for this purpose, the block can become a starting point of this unit of the program...

But after all in such cases it has to correct them, and it demands its direction to one of an adjustment framework that extends its way of the doctrine. Return to a frame 5 (point II) and choose the correct answer.

Databases are used in training for an operational in the teacher and pupils necessary, not entered in and grants, information as directly in didactic process, and in the mode of a free choice of information a (the service mode).

In a relational database to each unit of information certain attributes (the author, keywords, the region, information class, a thesaurus descriptor, etc.) and its search on any of them or on any their combination.

at once distinguishes the correct answers (pass to a frame of II); makes mistakes (a frame. In the linear program it is individualized: rate of the doctrine (frame 1; contents of the doctrine (frame; speed and contents of the doctrine (frame

According to Skinner, filling of the gaps which are available in the linear program does not provide realization of one of the listed above functions. About what function there is a speech? Call its number and check the answer on a frame 1

Databases. Databases are understood as technologies of input, systematization, storage and providing information with an of the computer equipment. Databases can include in ­ the information massif various statistical,, graphic and illustrative information in volume with its obligatory formalization (representation, input and output in the computer in a form, certain, characteristic for this system — a format. For a number of traditionally processed information there are standard formats of its representation, for example: bibliography, statistical data, papers, reviews and others. Systematization and information search in a database is carried out in three main ways.

Also the cars intended for submission of the programmed texts are different. Most often as the basis of division their functions are used. In relation to this basis we allocate:

1 Therefore, in general it is possible to consider that the block program has (rigid, ) structure, and this structure by the didactic..., which realization serves separate units of the End of the Block Program program

Well; in the branched program it is individualized not only speed, but also the content of training. It occurs because that pupils who correctly answer on placed within a, go towards the aim in shorter way. The same who makes mistakes, have to come back anew to already studied framework once again to study their contents, to understand the reasons of the made mistake and to choose the correct answer. The pupils making mistakes study in addition so-called correcting framework therefore go towards the aim not in the direct, but kruzhny way.

It is wrong because, according to Krouder, the deep and analysis of the text studied by the pupil demands creation of steps (­) with considerably large supply of information, than what we face in a separate framework of the linear program.