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In the tourist sphere in the conditions of a high saturation of the market of tourist services can, there will be a situation when the enterprise is interested in marketing the products at any price, if only to hold positions in the market.

On advertizing and other marketing actions hundreds, and even thousands of dollars leave, after all high-quality advertizing guarantees competitiveness of the enterprise. Advertisers want to know, these expenses are how justified. It is possible to learn it only having conducted estimated researches.

Tourist services in the international commodity turnover act as "invisible" goods. Characteristic and a peculiar advantage of tourist services as goods is that the considerable part of these services is made by the minimum expenses on a place and, as a rule, without use of foreign currency.

The main distinctions between advertizing and sales promotion consists in their methods of the address and value which they add to a product or service. While advertizing is engaged in image creation, and it on it needs time, the management of sales channels is engaged in the stimulation conducting to immediate action, it is preferable – sale. On the other hand, they carry out the general tasks which consist in increase in number of consumers and bigger use round of a product by consumers.

addressed in round firm after an advertizing exit in air. Percentage change of number of consumers in direct ratio to effect of advertizing. Here also comparison of average of consumers in month or half a year before carrying out an advertizing campaign and is pertinent after. It is necessary to trace thus changes in structure of consumers which can change as a result of advertizing. These tests are convenient for application round by firms and do not demand special efforts and monetary expenses.

For acquaintance with organizational structure of service of marketing this firm is not the best for consideration as the management of firm is not able to afford to create the whole marketing department therefore in firm one employee is engaged in marketing. He is responsible for placement of advertizing appeals on television, in newspapers, and also in Internet.

Good attitude of the public – the greatest advantage of the organization what only it can have. The public which is positively adjusted in relation to firm and well informed is one of decisive factors of a survival of firm.

PR - represents use of information for influence on public opinion. Differ from the advertizing PR in how mass media are used, and with what share of reliability they are perceived. Of course, PR and advertizing have to supplement each other within uniform strategy.

This strategy of behavior of the management for certain is not justified, or underestimation of the concept of marketing as, in my opinion, the service of marketing has to consist at least of several representatives for more detailed study, the analysis and other market researches influences.

Is much more widespread in the tourist environment a method of public relations with use of video movies. As a rule, it is a cycle of the telecasts devoted to travel and tourism in which the name and phone of the firm offering rounds to any discussed country is specified. As a striking example of use of this method the ' useless notes ' broadcast with Dmitry Krylov on ORT can serve.

Recently tourism gained value of the social phenomenon. It passed from category of an elite product into category of a product available to the consumer. At the initial stage of the development tourism was considered as an element of welfare influence. Today it is considered the economic and mass social event.