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Reforming of school education and introduction of new pedagogical technologies in practice of training should be considered as the most important condition of intellectual, creative and moral development of the pupil. Development becomes a keyword of pedagogical process, intrinsic, deep concept of training of 37: 3.

The analysis of materials of the international scientific conferences convinces that knowledge and abilities, certain qualities of the personality becomes the education purpose not simply now. Post-industrial society is interested in that citizens were capable independently, actively to work, make decisions, flexibly to adapt for the changing living conditions.

Thus, the general feature of projective receptions is existence of the set personal and significant problem and the task to solve it. If it is a theoretical problem – that process of design consists in finding of its concrete decision if practical – that a task of the school student is achievement of the concrete result of this problem ready to introduction. The solution provides, on the one hand, use of various research, search methods and tutorials, and with another – need of integration of knowledge, abilities from various spheres of science, equipment, creative areas.

According to it the conclusion that the school program had to be created by neither the state, nor teachers, and children together with the teacher in the course of training which bases need to be taken from surrounding reality was drawn.

individual and collective responsibility of pupils for concrete work within the project as each pupil, working individually or in microgroup amplifies, has to present to all group results of the activity;

The hypothesis of research consists in the following: if in the course of mastering of IYa at the senior step of high comprehensive school (10 ─ the 11th class) to apply a design technique, it will promote:

Thus, the design technique is the pedagogical technology focused not on integration of the actual knowledge, and their application and acquisition new by self-organization and self-education of pupils.

As a result of such approach subjects were denied, systematic assimilation of knowledge under the leadership of the teacher at a lesson was substituted for work on performance of tasks projects. Thereof the level of general education training of school students sharply decreased.

Thus, the content of design activity of pupils becomes complicated in process of the previous, simpler detailed designs. Design helps pupils to realize a role of knowledge in life and training – knowledge stops being the purpose, and becomes means in original education.

- the new pedagogical technology representing set of search, problem methods as didactic means of activization of cognitive activity of pupils, developments of their creativity and at the same time formation of certain personal qualities.

mixture or substitution of concept of the project as innovative direction and project as practically any action, creation of any product, even without complete and detailed development (for example, week of English, creation all-school the almanac.

The design technique as modern pedagogical technology provides successful formation of all components of foreign-language communicative competence, and, therefore, and development of the secondary language personality.

Supporters of a method of projects V. M. Shulgin, M. V. Krupenina, B. V. Ignatyev proclaimed it the only means of transformation of school of study to school of life where acquisition of knowledge will be carried out on a basis and in connection with work of pupils.

- communication of idea of the project with real life: the idea of any project has to be connected with creation of a concrete product or the solution of the problem, separate, significant for the pupil taken from real life in the course of practical activities;

Thus, J. Dewey claims that the child acquires material not simply listening or perceiving sense organs and as the result of the need for knowledge which arose at it and, therefore, is active subject of the training.

At the final stage of training it is expedient to use such pedagogical technology which would give the chance to the teacher to enter the pupils into process of knowledge, to aim them at search of knowledge, that is would promote further development of the secondary language personality and improvement primary, to further formation of communicative, sociocultural and cross-cultural competence.