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Use of nitric fertilizers after, blossomings most if bring them in the liquid state in the damp soil (losses of a rain or right after it in time). Entering of into the dry soil can yield negative results.

For reduction of amount of works at removal of new of sweet cherry use preliminary selection of seedlings in selection ridges on vegetative signs. is begun with sprouts in a cotyledonous state, as, according to L. I. Taranenko (197, seedlings at which the subcotyledonous knee is brightly painted, will have phaeochrous fruits.

In a northern zone as maternal initial forms it is necessary to use grades: Red dense, black, Muscat black (Black child), yellow, Muscat, Liqueur, Northern,, Beauty, Victory, Snow Maiden, Rossoshansky, Yulia, Zhenaytsky black, Zhepaytsky pink, Zhe-naytsky red late, Compact Venyaminova, early etc.

With coloring of a fruit closely correlates and existence of an antotsian in glands and sheet in common. At it is yellow fetal forms of sweet cherry of a piece of iron and a scape during life of a leaf remain yellow-white. Sweet cherry forms at which fruits when maturing get dark red or yellow-pink coloring, have pieces of iron and a scape.

When using an early ripe grade as A. I. Zdruykovskaya-Richter (197 recommends to apply culture of germs To cultivation of seedlings. She managed to receive a number of the perspective seedlings confirming possibility of use of culture of germs as reception of receiving hybrid at removal of ranosozrevayushchy grades. At the same time M. T. Oratovsky (195 in Melitopol, A. S. Pokrovsk (196 in Dagestan formation of vskhozhy seeds achieved from early ripe grades by an artificial arrest of development and maturing of an okoloplodnik at grades Early Brand and Aprelk from 25 to 40 days. In such way A. S. Pokrovsk the new early ripe grade Anniversary Dagestan is received.

Intergeneric crossings of sweet cherry with a bird cherry: virginsky (Padus virginiana Mill.), Japanese (Padus maackii Rupr.), ordinary (Padus racimosa Lam. Gilib.) for receiving grades, immune to a kokkomikoz.

For receiving grades it is necessary to cross zheltoplodny grades to cream and yellow coloring of pulp among themselves or to use pollen from green buds at phaeochrous grades (Early Brands, Valery Chkalo.

The important point in care of cherry plantings depth of processing of the soil. Autumn processing of the soil in row-spacings is carried out on depth no more than 15 cm, spring and — on smaller depth. On pristvolny circles ­ small processing of the soil, especially near trunks.

All beloplodny grades and forms have light green, and krasnoplodny — dark green and green leaves. Thus at the end of vegetation at krasnoplodny grades leaves get red-brown coloring, and at the zheltoplodny — yellowy-brown.

However many grades of sweet cherry, especially early ripe, give seeds with low viability, and their seedlings differ in low viability. Therefore as plants the high percent of a useful zavyaza and differing in viability of seeds is more preferable late-ripening grades,. Thus as an initial maternal form take a plant which signs fuller to transfer to posterity.

For the purpose of increase of winter hardiness it is recommended to an inoculation of seedlings of sweet cherry at early age on roots of ordinary cherry. Application of this reception on carbonate soils increases resistance of hybrid to a hloroz.