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The member of Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden Herman Grimmays declared that work of these three people is invaluable for development of modern information technologies: "Without D. Kilbi there would be impossible a creation of personal computers, and without Zh. Alferov it would be impossible to transmit information through satellites".

Multilayered semiconductors became complicated, in them all new and new additives, the thinnest layers – were brought in some atoms! – kept within the set designs. Tiny kristallik were capable to replace the enormous, consisting of hundreds and thousands of elements radio schemes – with resistors, condensers, lamps. There were semiconductor amplifiers, light-emitting diodes, semiconductor photo cells, solar batteries.

Zhores Ivanovich Alferov's merit gained more and more wide recognition. Respect of colleagues, authority on science. It seems, not life, and faultless triumphal procession of the person to whom possible and impossible the destiny presented all on a silver platter with a gold kayemochka. Whether so it actually?