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Meanwhile not only pedmt it is humanized but also the person opredmechivatsya as if in the esthete the act. Opening in object it sense the persons thereby as if present the nature with a particle of the spirit. The persons behold himself in the world created by him. In the most concrete and evident look this opredmechivaniye the persons of essence are shown in the course of work and the pleasure arising thus the esthete by his mouths. Exactly thanks to work were arisen and developed on darling persons of history a musical ear, feelings beauty of a shape of eyes - to put it briefly such feelings, a cat are capable to persons to pleasures".

In the history of culture there were 2 concepts consciousnesses: the first - ontologic - treats consciousness as reflection of the special principles of the life, the second - gnoseological, developed already in the stood apart esthetics, interprets it as attribute of one only of persons of consciousness.

Empir research, reveals all new data and ekspery, puts before teort thinking new tasks, stimulates it to further improvement. However and enriched teort knowledge puts before nablyudeiy and ekspery more and more complex challenges.

It is necessary to distinguish two in many respects coincident, but not identities of concept - esthetic consciousness in general and art as the highest, but private manifestation of this consciousness. The esthete consciousness takes place in each act of persons of activity. The persons estimate with est positions any manifestation everyone the phenomenon resisting to it object, everything that is involved in the sphere of its experience. Art is a professional field of activity, in a cat the esthete consciousness from accompanying el-that in a main objective.

Process by the pony consists not in assimilation of the knowledge which is already developed by other people or eras, but m in designing on a basis difficult transformations of essentially new knowledge which was not existing earlier.

Kritey of objectivity lives consists available continuity as each generation begins with that real basis, a cat to it got. "People met in a choice productive, a cat form fundamentals of all their history as everyone a pro-recension force is the acquired force, a product of predshestvo of activity.

T.o. ekspery activity difficult structure: teort bases ex-scientific theories, hypotheses; a mat a basis - devices; direct eksper; ekspery nablyudey; and the analysis the cut ekspery, teort them generalization.

Work is the process which is made between persons and the nature, process, in a cat of people own activity mediates, regulates and controls an exchange in-estv among themselves and the nature. T.o. work - that main a mat force, a cat conducted to voznikn and to formation of actually human life - societies. However its action would be impossible without formation of language., the cat is the major means labor process.

In Phyl's neocat systems contained the beginning in approach to persons and stories. It in justification the subject, his creative activity. How spirituality was understood, nobody thinks of it without moral, the last assumes existence of freedom. The person can be spiritually moral only.

So the essence ostoit a mat of understanding of history that: production and after it an exchange of its products a basis of everyone a system. used up process, life have object character main move by force, life of society, a people at large is. means for changes need to be opened states of affairs in cash a mater production factors.

Persons, turning the increasing part of the nature on Wednesday of the dwelling, expands borders of the freedom in relation to the nature that has to aggravate in it a sense of responsibility for preoboazuyushchy impact on it. Here finds reflection obshchefit : "the freedom is fuller, the responsibility is higher".

The naturalism reduces the highest forms of life to the lowest. The person is brought together to level a natural sushch-v. Thus persons the behavior rigidly joins in a chain causes and effects, freedom still does not have a masta and the concept events accepts fatalistic coloring. In Hobbes's system Freedom only modification of the necessary reason. "Each voluntary action compelled", "all actions are necessary".